Use Your Bathroom To Improve Your Brand

You may ‘spend a penny’ in the bathroom but when you are part of the British public, you put a lot more value on the cleanliness you expect to find there. For companies, this means that their brand can be boosted or take a nosedive, depending on the bathroom experience; it is little wonder that bathrooms are becoming an important tool in building brand and customer satisfaction.

The great thing about bathrooms is that you can make small changes that will make a big difference. In fact, when you implement just a few simple changes, you can provide your clients – from the ones who drop by to avoid the public toilets to those that are booked in to celebrate a special occasion – with the best possible experience.

Make Your Brand Flow

We may all know about not judging a book by its cover, but when it comes to public bathrooms, we do place a huge amount of importance on the appearance. Of course, customers are not dining in the bathroom itself, but they should still feel like these spaces are a unified extension of the main restaurant; a customer should feel like they are within the same general vibe when they go from their table to visit the bathroom.

The restaurant’s branding should be highly visible in the bathroom so that customers feel like they have been valued in the design, despite the fact that they are not in the main restaurant area. In fact, when you invest in an impressive bathroom design from many options at bathroom solutions UK you can give your sales a boost thanks to customers being so impressed that they post pictures on various social media platforms.

Cleanliness Will Make You Money

Even if you have created the most beautiful bathroom design in the country, if it is not clean you will fail miserably at your goal. It’s true that a clean bathroom may not be the biggest attractor of social media attention but a dirty bathroom sure can be. According to research, around half of people who visit a restaurant bathroom and have a negative experience will relate it to their friends and family.

All catering establishments should have cleanliness as a fundamental principle. When work is put into maintaining a clean bathroom it can create a lasting impression in the minds’ of customers, even if it happens subconsciously.

Make a Good Facilities Choice

If you do not have good facilities you will struggle to keep your bathroom clean. All those hours spent cleaning will be of little use if the first thing that customers see is a bin that is overflowing; it’s going to leave a negative impression that is hard to erase.

To keep customers having a positive experience it is essential that facilities are maintained and regularly emptied. This means that soap and towel dispensers should be topped up on a regular basis so that clients have that warm feeling of being cared for, of course, it also contributes to good hygiene in your establishment. Th last thing that you want for your customers is for them to be forced into the awkward endeavor of chasing a waiter to ask for toilet roll.

A lot of restaurants face an issue with sanitary waste. They fulfill their legal requirement by providing sanitary bins, however, it is the responsibility of the company that provides the bins to empty them and dispose of the waste. That is why is it essential to choose a sanitary waste provider that will cater for your needs and hence ensure that your customers keep having a positive experience.

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