Why Gardening Is Important For Health

Purpose To Include Gardening In Your Daily Lifestyle

Gardens and green spaces are continually growing in popularity for their support for improved physical, social and psychological health. According to Sir Muir Gray, a British physician, every person needs both Natural Health Service and National Health Service.

The goal is to ensure gardens and gardening is integrated into our everyday life for everyone’s benefit. Ever since January 2019, the NHS has adopted social prescribing to achieve its long term objectives. As the masses grow old and the cost of healthcare goes up, the importance of social prescribing and preventative healthcare is likely to take centre stage.

We have a chance to support gardening for the advancement of our country’s national mental health and wellbeing. Presently, the NHS is researching to explore more ways of harnessing the health benefits of gardening.

It Is A Good Way To Draw The Great Benefits Of Exercising

Many people will tell you to exercise is good for your health and they are right. According to the NHS, it is important to regularly carry out physical exercises, with medicine showing people who do reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke by 35%. On the other hand, a sedentary urban lifestyle has contributed to the prevalence of physical and mental illnesses, burdening our nation’s economic and social value.

We need to teach the role of gardening in helping many people stay fit and healthy. For instance, many people are inspired by gardening because 30 minutes of gardening burns the same amount of calories as playing volleyball, badminton or doing yoga.

However, you must take care of yourself to avoid injury, just as in any other physical activity or sport like running or weight lifting. The best way to take to be safe when gardening is to ensure you do it correctly. One of the RHS areas of research focuses on advancing garden digging techniques to ensure one needs minimal effort and avoids body strain when gardening. If you require gardening services and you are local to Guildford, I recommend Pristine Gardens Guildford.

For the first time, we have used Hollywood film technology to study the loads experienced on joints, bones and muscles, and to help make gardening an enjoyable task for many people.

A Key To Happiness: Reduction Of Stress, Anxiety And Depression

Gardening has shown greater and broader benefits compared to mere exercises. According to a King’s Fund report, gardening greatly reduces depression, anxiety and improve social behaviour. Additionally, it helps preserve the independence and prevent the reduction of cognitive abilities.

Institutions like Tokyo and Exeter Universities also established great evidence on the encouraging impact gardening has on health and wellness and requested the authorities to support gardening. The research on gardens and gardening is affirming what we know about the potential of green spaces such as urban parks, national parks and spaces in the wilderness.

Look Around Your Green Space: There Is Evidence That Green Spaces Improve Wellness

For instance, in 2019, a group of Dutch researchers showed there were lesser chances of 15 types of illnesses among people who lived within 0.5 miles of green space. These types of illnesses included depression, stress, heart illnesses, diabetes, asthma and migraines.

In 2014, researchers at the University of Exeter Medical School studied mental health data from a sample size of 1,000 urban inhabitants. Using high-resolution mapping, they established where each of the subjects had lived for over 18 years. The study showed that people who lived near green spaces had lesser cases of mental distress even after relocating when looking for work, education or income.

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