How Does Addiction Start?

The Start of an Addiction

You feel lost or upset, and everything in your life is going downhill or wrong. Yet, if you give this fantastic drug that everyone is talking about a try, you just know you will feel a lot better.


This is not how addiction starts off. The average first-time users won’t need a drug to cope or feel good about their past, and this is because they simply do not know what the drug will make them feel like. To put it plainly, they won’t know what to expect from the results.

First-time use of a drug typically occurs without detailed planning. In general, large parties are often a significant trigger when it comes to spontaneously abusing substances. Look at it this way. You have arrived at a party with the expectation that alcohol is the only thing you will be consuming when you notice someone pulling out a small bag of white powder.

The bag contains cocaine. You have never seen this substance before, but it looks like everyone at the party is giving it a try. In fact, even your best friend has decided to give it a bash, so it becomes clear that you should try it too.

They start arranging lines of the powder on a kitchen countertop. Someone uses a rolled-up note and the line has disappeared. Your best friend goes next before handing the dollar bill note to you.

Your hands are sweating, your heart is pounding, and you start questioning everything that is about to occur. Should you be doing it? What is it going to feel like?

You Snort Your First Line of Cocaine; How Are You Feeling?

Empowered and peculiar. You suddenly feel jittery and energized. Your feet start to tap, your hands start to shake, and you start dancing to the music in a way that you have never done before. You start talking to strangers and laughing with them, and you are having a blast.

Until You Feel the Effects Starting to Wear Off

You start feeling sluggish, and everything starts to slow down. The party feels like it has come to a stop, when in fact it really has not. The music sounds different, yet the atmosphere is still ringing of people having fun. Your head starts to feel heavy, and you decide to sit down, unsure of all the feelings going on in your brain and your body. Your friend comes over to ask you what is wrong. You are not sure what you should be saying, but you tell him/her that you feel kind of funny inside. Your friend tells you that everything is fine and all you need is another line.

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Anxiety and fear plague your mind when you hear anyone talking about cocaine. Is that what you want or need? You really do not want to even try it.

Another friend approaches you, convincing you to try one more line. They bring you back to the counter where you snort another one of those thin lines of white powder. Your heart starts to race, you close your eyes and you feel at one with the music and all the noises going on all around you.

There is a chance that you won’t become addicted when you follow the actions in the story; however, there is also a strong possibility that you will. Pressure usually plays a significant role in the beginning stages of addiction. The pressure behind experiencing something that all your other friends have tried, and pressure to make sure you are fitting in and that you look cool.

You may be thinking to yourself “it will only be this one time” or “I will only do it when I go out, so it’s no big deal”.

Regardless of the type of drug you decide to try, there is always a chance that you will become addicted, particularly when you surround yourself with people that are already actively doing it or visit the places where they use it. Some people can stop themselves and even function normally when they have taken alcohol or drugs, but it is important to understand that drugs are associated with a physical addiction. This means that the body starts becoming accustomed to the effects that the substance is creating. This will start to alter the brain chemically to adjust to the use.

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