Reasons Why You Should Exercise

Increase feelings of happiness

Exercise can make you feel a lot happier and reduce negative feelings such as sadness, stress, tension and anxiety.

It actually works by changing the parts of your brain that are meant to regulate these negative feelings. Additionally, it increases certain hormones such as serotonin and norepinephrine which naturally lower and reduces the negative feelings listed above.

In addition to increasing the production of good hormones, exercise also increases the endorphins in your body which creates positive emotions and lowers how much you perceive pain.

Exercise also helps to lower stress and anxiety.

The intensity of the exercise that you do isn’t important in order to get these benefits.

There was a study done on 24 women with depression, to determine the effects of exercise. It was found that exercise helped to lower rates of depression among the women, no matter how intense the exercise was.

There was another review of 19 studies that indicated that people who typically exercised regularly and stopped, experienced increased feelings of anxiety and depression once again after a couple of weeks. If you stuff with anxiety or are shy about exercising with a group of people you may want to hire a private training studio.

Assists with fat loss

There are also numerous studies that indicate inactivity is another main reason why many people become obese or overweight.

It is essential that you understand how energy expenditure impacts weight reduction so that you can have a better understanding of the principles of weight reduction.

To put this simply, every human body uses energy by moving or exercising, digesting food that has been consumed and undergoing necessary bodily functions such as ensuring the heart keeps beating. So, when dieting, lowering how many calories you eat will reduce your body’s metabolic rate. This can cause your rate of weight loss to slow down. However, exercise is actually one effective way to improve your metabolic rate. This will assist you in burning more calories every day so you can lose the excess fat in your body.

Excellent for bones and muscles

When you exercise regularly, it positively impacts the strength of your bones and muscles.

There are many exercises such as weightlifting that can help you to build more muscle once you eat enough protein.

This is due to the fact that exercise causes the body to release certain hormones that enable your muscles to easily absorb the amino acids from protein. This results in the growth of your muscles and ensures they don’t break down.

Unfortunately, getting older causes a natural reduction in muscle mass and functionality. This can cause injury to happen easily. Therefore, exercising regularly is very important to lower the rates of muscle loss and overall functionality as you get older.

Exercise is not only beneficial for muscles but also for bones since it can help to increase bone density and prevent illnesses such as osteoporosis.

There is a lot of research that indicates that high impact exercises are even better at improving bone density as opposed to lower impact exercises. A few high impacts exercise you should consider include gymnastics, soccer, running etc. Lower impact exercises are activities such as swimming, walking, biking etc.

Improves energy levels

If you want to have more energy, exercise has been found to be very effective at boosting energy levels, even in people who have medical issues.

One study showed that only 6 weeks of exercise, can significantly reduce tiredness, even in persons with persistent fatigue.

Even people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome can improve their energy through exercise.

Exercise is actually one of the best ways to fight against chronic fatigue syndrome in comparison to other treatments such as stretching, relaxation etc. It can even help to improve energy levels in cancer patients.

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