6 Tips For University Students Struggling To Balance Life And Study

Many university students struggle to achieve a healthy study-life balance. If you’re reaching your burnout limit, check out the following tips:

1 Continue To Enjoy The Companionship Of Loved Ones

Many students feel guilty about spending time with their family and friends when they have so many assignments to complete. However, in-person interactions are essential to your well-being. Try to make time to connect with your loved ones at least once a week. You deserve a break from the screen and keyboard.

2 Ensure Every Goal Is Realistic

For most people, the ability to set and meet goals is essential to the achievement of any type of degree. However, if your goals aren’t realistic, they can become more of a hindrance than a help. You should never feel demoralised if you fail to meet your stated daily goal of 14 hours of study by 30 minutes. Every goal you set needs to be realistically achievable and ideally repeatable. Student storage UK.

3 Create A Schedule

Taking time to create a schedule when your time is already limited is hard to motivate yourself to do, but it can decrease your stress levels tenfold. Once you put down on paper every upcoming deadline and organise 30-min time slots that’ll ensure you meet them, you’ll find it easier to focus tasks at hand.

4 Permit Yourself Some Free time

Scheduling time just for your own pleasures is more important than many give credit. You deserve “me time” and if you don’t take it, your stress and anxiety levels are more likely to become unstably high, hindering your ability to achieve anything productive. Scheduled “me time” activities can include going to the movies, dining out, partying with friends, enjoying a relaxing bath, etc.

5 Centre Your Health

No matter what happens in your academic career, your health should always remain your top priority. While many of us can run on empty for a sustained period, in the long run, we cause unrepairable damage to our minds and bodies. It’s rarely, bordering on never, worth it. So, try your best to get enough sleep and eat healthily. When you are in peak health, studying will also become much easier and you’ll be able to breeze through your overdue assignment backlog. Try to get at least 6 hours of sleep each night and avoid the temptation of convenient, cheap, hot, fast food. It’s okay to order a pizza at 2 am every so often, but don’t make it a habit. Also, go easy on the MSG-infused instant noodles. Regular physical exercise is also important. At uni, your mind is exercised every day, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your physical body.

6 Look For Part-time Work

You might think that a job is the last thing you need right now, but taking on additional responsibilities can perhaps ironically make you better at managing your time. What’s more, you’ll benefit from some extra money every month that you can put towards guilt-free recreational and social activities.

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