7 Renovation Trends You Will See In 2021

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In the last year, there has been a significant shift in the way that we do things every day. There were daily commutes that no longer happened, home schooling that became the main way that we educated our children, vacations were spent at home and offices closed down. We began to do things that we had never done before, or at least had never tried for years, such as decorating, home improvement projects, and landscaping became one of the biggest trends for 2021 Reno projects.

How to give new life to any room

Creating a recreational room was something that we attempted to do, superseding makeovers and it became a leading trend for almost 9 months. The pandemic looks really taught us new ways to do things, maximize time, and maximize the space that we were using.

Work At Home Sanctuaries

Remote positions became the main way that we did things, and we are going to see an ever increasing movement toward workspace renovations that can transform areas like bedrooms into multipurpose units in this post Covid world which requires us to modify our routines.

Multigenerational households became a necessity

“There have been many major markets that have been emerging out of all of this, creating multipurpose homes that became two separate households under one roof,” says Christian. “It’s not just about shifting dynamics, but the ability of people that own homes to monetize long-term rentals and even take advantage of short-term leasing through Airbnb.”

Green Solutions Were Incorporated

“Joe Biden became the next president due to winning the electoral college votes, and green initiatives became a primary focus which simply wasn’t there under the prior administration. Larger systems that target rainwater, as well as solar power, are things that property owners must focus upon, and HVAC upgrades for both residential and commercial buildings became part of our renovations,” says Christian.

Indoors Moved Out To Outdoors

A comfortable living space outdoors, as well as indoors, showed how we could have an extension of both areas in 2021 when we were doing home renovations, not just because we were in a warmer climate. We were able to connect the flow between outdoor and indoor locations, taking advantage of features such as aluminium bifold doors which would allow us to go inside and outside much more easily plus improve home decor.

Creating a bathroom oasis

Going into your bathroom, did you ever feel that this was a way of getting quiet time away from family and friends? Houzz experts had a very similar idea stating that if you have the proper features in the bathrooms, you could actually reduce stress. 2020 Houzz study showed that 41% of those that decided to remodel the master bathroom had to rely upon this new renovation for relaxation and rest.

Using bigger tiles in your home

All of the free time that we had available allowed us to do visual upgrades which was related to home Reno trends. Larger tiles actually allowed us to expand small spaces, and this is why they began to become more popular. The trend also made it possible for fewer grout lines which made things look less messy and they were easier to clean. Using larger tiles was a great way to improve the interior of our household, taking advantage of classic patterns such as stacked, herringbone, and brick.

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