Google’s New Algorithm: Page Experience Overview

The coronavirus prompted Google to come out with a new future algorithm update, one that will entail how we can improve upon the content and layout of our website specifically pages, so our rankings do not go down.

Page Experience – what exactly is this?

Page experience
According to Google, it simply means…

When referencing page experience, it’s about how people that arrive on your page are going to perceive what is there and what type of experience they will have. You can optimize certain things on your website so that on certain surfaces and web browsers, it can provide the user with expectations and help websites evolve. We believe that all of this is going to help people become more engaged and create less friction between the the website owner and the visitor. It really is the goal of any person that is visiting Google and looking for specific information.

They are essentially saying they are looking for usability on your website that will prompt the visitor to stay, thus lowering your bounce rate, and potentially helping you make more money.

The update has a sole purpose which is to make sure that all of your pages are able to rank without creating problems for visitors that may not be familiar with your brand. Hampshire business news.

If you think about it, it simply looking for user-friendly websites, and if they are, they will rank higher.

This is actually a very big change in the world of SEO.

What makes this so important?

What will Google actually want to have at the top of the serps?

You should guess…

Are they looking for backlinks?

What about on page code?

They are not actually looking for any of that.

In simple terms, they want to rank pages that people will love to interact with.

Here’s an example…

Let’s say that you are trying to purchase a specific type of shoe, and if they are athletic, what is the company that comes to mind?

Nike is likely what you are thinking.

On the other hand, if you had a credit card, you might be thinking about MasterCard, American Express or Visa.

Brand queries, which simply means that people looking for your brand name online will click through to your website, can actually impact your overall rankings, which is why I’ve broken down these lessons on SEO.

The larger that your brand becomes, the higher your SEO rankings are going to show up on the search engine rankings in any country.

Unfortunately, this is also old news, and it has also been part of the Google algorithm for quite some time and is still a very important part of how you construct your website.

What you need to think about is that most websites really don’t have large brands which is something that Google is aware of. If you don’t have one, you may be wondering if you will have an easier time ranking on the search engines or not.

At my ad agency, we are going to help all of our clients get more traffic and growth over time, only a total of 4% have very well-known brands. The rest of them are going to still see some traffic growth.

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