The Importance Of Wearing A Proper Bike Helmet

It is vitally important that everyone wears a bike helmet when they are on a bicycle.
Did you know it could actually save your life? Law Nº 2946 promotes the use of bicycle helmets, primarily because of its health impacts on those that are injured, plus it can be good for the economy and also the environment.

Here are the reasons that you should consider using a bicycle more often than a motor vehicle:

The Many Health Benefits of Cycling:

If you are trying to stay on a diet, or build muscle mass, your metabolic rate can also benefit if you are riding a bike every day. Losing weight will be easier, especially if you are cycling regularly and eating a healthy diet.
The stimulation of the circulation of your blood is going to help your heart when you are using a bicycle regularly, plus it’s going to assist your lungs in staying healthy, plus reduce cardiovascular disease potential. Cycling is able to help people with heart muscle issues, plus reduce fat levels within the body.
Depression is a condition that many people suffer from, along with anxiety and stress, and bike riding can certainly help. This is because of the exercise itself which can also be very enjoyable.
Environmental Benefits of Cycling:
Less CO2 is going to be emitted into the air. If you do travel to work every day, perhaps 5 miles round-trip, you can save over 100 gallons of gas by simply using your bicycle instead, plus minimize the amount of carbon dioxide that is causing global warming. If you use a bike, fossil fuels are not needed, and that can be your own contribution to saving the world.
The tires on a bicycle are made of rubber, and this originates from rubber plantations which are often planted in areas where a rain forest used to be. Tires on a bike are very skinny, which means less rubber will be needed, and this can help minimize the slash and burn practices that are often found in rain forests when planting rubber trees.

There are so many benefits to cycling, but it’s also important to be safe when you are riding your bicycle around. The best equipment, particularly outerwear like helmets, should be in the very best condition.

Why does a helmet work?

A helmet can be helpful in three ways:

You can stop a direct impact on your skull if you crash and hit something with your head;
It can minimize the impact by spreading the impact on a wider surface area which can be helpful; and
Its ability to absorb the impact will minimize any damage that could potentially be caused by forces on your skull and brain. For parent you will want to see ‘childs bike helmet buying guide

How To Wear One the Proper Way

There are all sorts of sizes and styles for bike helmets. Manufacturers make numerous types.

As you are looking at the many different helmets that are available, trying them on is the first step. If you decide to get one online because of the price, always go to a bike shop to try out that exact helmet.
The head shape of each person is going to be very different, so you need to try them on and make sure there are proper pressure points on your skull.
This should be worn whenever you ride your bicycle.
In order to select one that will properly fit, use the following instructions for a helmet fitting. If you take the time to do so, it will fit perfectly.

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