11 Plus Exam.

11 Plus Exam.

Many people have come across the phrase 11 plus exam, but only a few comprehend what exactly it means. 11 plus exam is also commonly referred to as 11+, grammar school test or Eleven Plus. This article is helpful to those who know absolutely nothing about it and those who understand what it is. It will guide you on how to undertake it and the requirements required to sit for the exam.
The article will also help parents and guardians on how to prepare their kids for the exams. If you are taking the 11 plus mock exams in Buckinghamshire please see Marie Redmond for tuition!

The Eleven Plus is an examination that serves as an entrance test done by students in year six. Before the 1970s, all pupils needed to sit for the exam, but the test is no longer mandatory from a few years ago. Private institutions and grammar schools mainly use the test to gauge students’ potential and academic ability. If the students pass the test, they are admitted, but they will be required to look for slots elsewhere if they fail. Despite the exam being banned in Northern Ireland in 2008, more than 160 grammar schools in England still exist. Most of the ex-grammar schools select students using the Transfer test to gauge their potential and ability.

What Is The Pass Mark?

Different schools across the country have different pass rates for the exam. In most cases, the pass rate depends on the nature of the competitors and their competitiveness. Various institutions have various examination boards which are responsible for administering the tests and setting the pass rates. To ease the burden, guardians and pupils should check the institution’s requirements regarding the exam and their respective pass rates.

What 11 Plus Test Does My Kid Have To Sit For?

Four central subjects are examined in the 11 plus exam. They include English, math, non-verbal reasoning, and verbal reasoning. Different institutions and boards have different lengths of the examination. The layout of the papers and the combination of the subjects differs across the grammar schools. Your kid may have to sit for all four subjects or just a few of them.

How Many Exams Will My Kid Sit For?

Many grammar schools require a pupil to sit for more than one round of tests, and a majority of the grammar schools set more than one paper for the 11 plus exam.
The pupils can do the exams in one day with several breaks in between, or the exams may be spread over a couple of days depending on the examination board and school. If the grammar school is part of a consortium, the child will take the test, and if successful, they will be eligible to join any of the grammar schools of their choice.
Many private teachers have specialised in the different subjects required by the eleven plus exam, just as high school teachers are specialised in different subjects. Private teachers will give special attention to their respective students, teaching them what is required and guiding them on what they need to improve on.

If a pupil is struggling with a specific subject, it would be best to find a personal tutor to guide them through the issue. The 1-2-1 tutoring model gives struggling students a chance to receive high-quality personalised teaching specifically tailored to solve their problems.

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