Some of the Top Tips to Improve Your Mobile App Retention Efforts

You can ask anyone who is either experienced or inexperienced with SEO and they’ll tell you that you cannot game the search engine rankings. While it used to be a perfectly sound strategy, that’s no longer the case. This is something that has been left in the dust with the algorithms getting more advanced than ever before. If you attempt to game the system, you’ll be punished for it. A mobile app development agency in London will tell you this is the same with the mobile app stores because they have the same type of rankings for their apps.

Google Play is one of the largest and most widely used app stores. They use the same type of ranking system to ensure the best quality apps are floated at the top. This allows a user to identify the top apps to download without having to dig through a lot of poor quality apps. However, you might be interested in learning how they do it. How do they determine which apps are worthy of ranking high? Apptaura is fully experienced and able to help you develop a mobile app.

The main way is by looking at the app’s retention. This is judged by the total number of users who continue to use an app after 30 days. After all, if someone is using an app after 30 days, there is a significant chance that they are having a good experience with it. Therefore, your retention is primarily what drives your rankings. While the app’s rating used to be one of the most important factors, that’s no longer the case. While it still matters, it’s mostly your retention that is going to dictate your app’s rankings.

How to Boost Your App’s Retention Efforts:

  1. Make the App Easy to Use

There is nothing that is going to turn off a user more than dealing with an unintuitive app. No one wants to have to figure out how an app works. An app is something that should be very easy to use with no prior experience with it. You’ll find a lot of apps in the marketplace that you can download and begin using with no issue. Whereas, other apps will present such a high learning curve that is unnecessary in most cases. Don’t allow your users to get confused when they are using your app. Your app needs to be extremely well designed to the point where users can intuitively figure out what to do and how to use it.

  1. Creating Expectations

Another thing that you need to do to avoid turning away a lot of people from using your app is creating the right expectations with it. You want people to download and use your app and get what they want from it. Having people have the right expectations about your app is crucial for this. If you are creating the wrong expectations about your app, you’re going to experience a lot of people uninstalling it. To maximise your retention efforts, you need to set the right expectations through your app description and even your screenshots. A lot of users don’t even read the description of apps. Therefore, you need to be doing it visually through your screenshots to ensure you don’t ruin your retention rate by creating false expectations.

  1. Make it Friendly for First-Time Users

The first time users of your app need to have a good experience. When someone downloads your app, the last thing they are going to want to do is to force users to go through a lengthy sign-up process. Try to avoid making users fill out forms and do things they don’t want to do. You want them to download and install your app and be able to get to using it right away. Try to shorten the signup process or avoid the need to have an account entirely. The longer you make the signup process and the more friction you put in place, the more likely you’ll lose a user.

  1. Invite User’s Back

You should be looking to try to get people back to using your app. If someone left your app and they moved on, you shouldn’t completely ignore them. They can be won back. Try to incentivise them to come back. Don’t spam them and send them notification after notification, but you should try to win them back.

  1. Update Your App

Your app needs to have new content published and you need to continually be updating it and improving it. This will keep people interested in your app and it can get more people opening it more often.

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