Buyers Need to See Photos and Plans for Them to Show Interest in Properties

You need the right tools for any marketing, and in the property market, photos and floor plans are essential tools. Many aspiring UK PropTech startups use a host of many other devices, but the need for photos and plans has remained basic. Here, experts at Fourlabs explain further.

The Need for Floor Plans

When buyers look at listings, a majority of them, 81%, will expect to see photos and floor plans in them and consider a floor plan essential when they are looking at a property.

What is the Necessity for Photos and Floor Plans for the Sale of a Property?

The full potential of the property is presented by them. It maximises the interest in a property when you have the proper marketing material and photos. The number of qualified leads are increased as they are helped by this transparency. Brand presence remains consistent.

In spite of this, many listings are not successful because they ignore these basics, give details that are not accurate, do not provide floor plans, and show photographs that do not show the property in its best light.

When you provide inadequate information and do not provide floor plans, it impacts the interest that is shown by the property.

It is easy to highlight the best way of approaching this, but there are often valid reasons why this particular asset, floor plans and photos, may not be available.

It becomes impossible because of time not being available. The person listing the property may not have the needed equipment or expertise. Photography needs light and good weather. Preparing for home staging requires proper communication.

When you are marketing a property, you need to keep these operational points at the forefront as they can help you to realise the full potential.

Tips for Photography by Estate Agent

Go online, and you will see that there are many examples of poor photos, a thing that is best avoided.

You can elevate a property online, if you have good visual content, and as an estate agent, you will have a minimum standard. But it makes for a better option if you bring in professional photographers.

In both cases, floor plans and photographs, it makes sense to be always prepared at all times.

  • Staging the property – See that before the photographer arrives that the homeowner has tidied up the property.
  • Preparing Site – Understand the layout in the time that you have.
  • Equipment- A good model SLR camera that has a wide eye lens, along with a tripod that is equipped with a spirit level.
  • External and Internal Photographs – Look at various angles.

You need to take at least 8 or 10 photos of the interiors and at least 2 or 3 of the exteriors.

This is the basic requirement when you are photographing a property, and after you have done this, move on to getting the best results from floor plans. Meanwhile, if you are having problems lugging around the expensive photography equipment from property to property, Blue Box storage can help you to store the equipment safely.

Tips for Drawing of Floor Plans

Floor plans are key when you are selling properties, and the time spent on details can make a lot of difference. It is important to get hold of engineering graph paper and a sharp pencil. They are needed to start the drawing of your floor plans, but there are also other things you need.

Laser measuring devices can help you in creating floor plans that are accurate. You need consistency when you are taking measurements. Every detail is necessary. You must show the position of doors and windows, how the doors swing, and all other permanent fixtures.
All of them have a symbol, and you would do well to learn them. Never forget to check your floor plans again.

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