5 Ways Toys Can Help with a Child’s Development

Parents are always looking for new ways to boost their child’s development. Well, here are some of the ways educational toys for kids can boost your child’s growth and development.

1. Open-ended Toys Can Spark Imagination and Creativity

When you buy toys that can be played with in different ways, you can boost your child’s brain and allow them to start thinking in narratives. They should be able to see the world broadly. Creativity is very important because it nurtures kids and helps them to think outside the box. With items such as dolls, blocks, mini-cars, animal toys or pretend food, your child will start creating stories and scenarios in their heads.

Remember, child’s play is the first classroom for your child. Even when using objects that are not designed to be toys, kids will immediately make them toys, especially if that’s all they have. For instance, boxes, containers, rocks and any other objects will help boost your child’s imagination.

2. Toys Teach Kids about STEAM

Kids’ brains are like sponges. They like collecting information from their surroundings. With toys, kids have an avenue to explore STEAM subjects such as science, tech, engineering, art and mathematics. Whether it’s a simple or complex toy, there is always a lesson to learn. As such, it plays an important role in the development of your child.

When your child builds a tower using blocks and watches them fall, they will learn something in physics. Watching a car with remote control bounce around from the radio waves of the controller, kids will become curious about how it works. With a puzzle, your child’s brain will become stimulated and they can start exploring patterns.

When it comes to toys, there is so much for your kids to learn. They actually learn more through creative play because it engages their senses. They will gain a cognitive edge and become excited about exploring the world around them.

3. Toys Refine a Child’s Motor Development

When a child picks up a toy and starts manipulating it, they will practice their motor skills and improve their hand-eye coordination. As such, they will advance through the stages of physical development. With toys that force kids to grab, pull, turn, pinch or use their body and hands, you will see a great improvement in their growth.

On the other hand, small toys such as cars, dolls, blocks and anything else that fits in your child’s hands will become a huge favourite because it’s easy to hold and carry. They will have ultimate control when they use their hands to position their toys or stuff them in their pockets. Toys with finer details such as zippers, beads and buttons allow your kids to practice their motor skills.

With larger toys, kids can manipulate them using their entire body thereby playing a huge role in their physical growth. It might be throwing or catching a beach ball, riding a bike or jumping on a pogo stick. Kids who have mastered these skills can handle harder tasks later effortlessly.

4. Too Many Toys Can Be Overwhelming

Yes, toys can be amazing for your child’s growth but if there are too many options, they are going to overwhelm them. It’s always good to work with quality and not quantity when buying toys. Consider having fewer toys for your child than more toys that create a lot of clutter around their play space.

If your child is having a hard time cleaning up their toys or has a lot of emotions during playtime or gets bored even with too many toys, it’s a sign that their emotional well-being is affected by the presence of too many toys in their play area.

5. Toys Can Help a Child Become Emotionally Mature

Toys offer positive memories, connections and a way for children to interact with their feelings. Children become very attached to their toys so it promotes healthy and positive bonding. Kids will associate their toys with happiness, attention and love. Therefore, when they bestow affection on their toys, it’s a good way to foster healthy childhood memories.

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