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The kitchen is the hub of your home. It plays an important part in your daily chores. New technology is super connected and appliances are quieter today so that dinner can almost take care of itself without your involvement. Modern kitchen designs help hide the nuts and bolts of your kitchen behind clever storage systems and tall cupboard doors. Here are some of the modern kitchen design ideas to transform your old kitchen into a modern hub of your home.

What Should a Modern Kitchen Look Like?

Your kitchen has to function better than any other area of your home. A good interior designer such as bathrooms Camberley can make it happen for you. Surround yourself with the things you love because you will be spending most of your time in the kitchen. If you are a night owl, you should choose a rich dark colour scheme with plenty of texture and lighting to create a mood. Creating a series of zones, adding quiet appliances, and bright functional finishes with matching colours will help keep the energy flowing.

Modern Kitchen Ideas

Here are some of the best modern kitchen ideas to transform your old kitchen into a cooking and entertainment hub in your home:

Extend a Welcome

A kitchen extension project is one of the most popular home extension projects undertaken by many homeowners in the country. Space is key if you want to entertain your guests in comfort and style. Just imagine how you can entertain your family and guests while multi-tasking throughout the week. These kitchen design ideas provide clever methods of stretching your space.

Go Wild With Tiles

Colourful tiles have become increasingly popular in kitchens across the country over the past couple of years. You can opt for neutral colours for your kitchen depending on your personal taste. But tiles are a great way to incorporate colour into your kitchen space.

Merge the Old With the New

If you prefer original kitchen features such as brick fireplaces and wooden beams, you should go ahead and incorporate these designs into your modern kitchen. The merging of the old with the new help add inspiration to your kitchen and improve its unique design.

Play Hide and Seek

The pantry has long been on top of the wish list of a country kitchen, and you can always incorporate such a design into a modern kitchen too. Take advantage of this feature to improve the uniqueness of your modern kitchen.

The pantry is a practical idea for a sleek kitchen specially designed to entertain guests. In fact, when you have an excellent pantry idea, you shouldn’t keep it hidden away from plain sight.

Light It Right

A well-designed lighting structure is important for your modern kitchen. It helps take your modern kitchen from day to night and vice versa. It should provide different light schemes in different areas of the kitchen to suit all tasks. Bright light should help you cook better, and softer ambient light should facilitate the seating areas of the kitchen. Consider a statement piece or something more discreet to blend with your kitchen design.

Make It Easier On the Eye

Don’t forget to be playful in designing your modern kitchen. The design should be pleasing to the eye. Mix and match colour tones and include unusual insets to break the gridlock.

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