5 Tips on How to Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy

Cats are the second most popular pet in the UK. There are approximately 17% of homes owning a cat among the 8 million cats in this country. And owning a cat is not everything. People consider their feline friends as emotional support. It doesn’t matter whether you already have a cat or plan to get one soon; a few tips and services such as pet sitters tamworth can always help take care of your furry friend. They will help you keep your cat happy and healthy. Here are six tips that you can keep in mind before bringing your friend home.

A balanced diet

It’s not just about choosing wet or dry food from the supermarket for your cat. You need to understand the factors that contribute to a nutritious and healthy diet. First of all, you must pick age-appropriate food. The type of food depends on your cat’s age, digestive and hormonal system, cat’s teeth, and general preferences. Make sure you keep these factors in mind instead of just picking a wet and dry food that you see in the front row.

Provide enough litter boxes

Most vets recommend having two litter boxes per cat – one for regular use and one for emergencies. A sufficient number of litter boxes keep your cat’s behaviour under control. It doesn’t get the chance to defecate, urinate, or spray in the appropriate places, leading to severe medical problems like lower urinary tract disease (FLUTC) and feline urethral obstruction (FUO). Apart from using the right number of litter boxes, you must also decide whether to buy a covered or uncovered version. This will depend on your cat’s habits and personality.


Keeping your cat hydrated is crucial for any type of pet, and your cat is no exception. According to different studies, modern cats come from desert-dwelling ancestors. That’s why they can derive hydration from their food. Therefore, canned food containing at least 75 to 80% water is crucial for cats. However, dry food has a water content of only 5 to 15%. But no matter what food you choose, don’t forget to provide fresh water to your cat every hour.

Groom for good

Regular brushing is essential irrespective of your cat’s hair length. It not only reduces shedding but also prevents the hair from getting tangled. In fact, grooming is not just about your cat’s looks. It is a good practice that keeps your cat healthy. Grooming reduces the chances of your cat swallowing hair while eating food. It also distributes natural oils throughout the skin and maintains its healthy coat. Additionally, it allows you to check whether there are skin diseases, ear issues, or pests hidden underneath its fur.

A good night’s sleep

Cats love to sleep. They may sleep up to twenty hours every day. Therefore, make sure you choose a comfortable bed. The bed should conform to your cat’s body. It should prevent bedsores and keep the spine healthy. You may find various beds for cats available in different shapes, sizes, and compositions. Buy one that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket and suits your cat’s needs.

It’s your responsibility to keep your cat healthy and happy. You may buy toys, a scratch post, the best crate for safe travel, and even take her to the best vet in town. All these things play an important role in helping your cat enjoy the life it deserves. Remember, you mean the world for your cat. Let her live life to the fullest.

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