Explainer: Top Tips To Consider When Buying Barrel Pumps

Barrel pumps are typically attached to drums or other cylindrically shaped containers and used to siphon out fluids contained within. They are also known as container pumps or drum pumps.

Before buying a drum pump, it is imperative that you first understand how you will be using the pump. First remember that there are different types of fluids that can be transferred or handled by this type of pump. You should then consider where you will be using your pump. For example, will it be used for heavy duty applications or will be used in small appliances such as for a field mower? Additionally, remember that this type of pump can be used in a lot of industries depending on the fluid to be handled. For example, it can be used by cleaning enterprises, in automotive shops, chemical plants as well as manufacturing plants. IBC filling system.

How Does a Drum Pump Operate?

To achieve suction, the narrow tubing of the pump which has a vertical shaft is usually fitted through a small opening on the top of a barrel. A drum pump tends to have a small motor that operates through DC or AC power which helps it to achieve suction.

What Are The Main Types Of Drum Pumps?

Rotary/Crank-Operated Pumps

To achieve suction, this type of pump usually relies on a hand crank. Most rotary pumps are usually made of metal and they tend to have a metal tubing that runs down the side of the appliance that they are mounted on. These pumps are typically mounted on drums or barrels. Once the handle on the pump is cranked, it usually siphons out fluid from the container it is mounted on and transfers it to another. Rotary pumps tend to be quicker and more effective than siphon pumps.

If you are looking to transfer fuel in bulk, perhaps from a set location such as your garage to a tractor, you should consider using this type of pump as it is highly effective. Rotary pumps also tend to be cheaper compared to electric or gas-powered barrel pumps.

Electric Barrel Pumps

In the market, you can find electric drum pumps that have different pumping speeds and voltages. Though the outer design tends to resemble that of a rotary pump, this type of pump usually relies on electric power to achieve suction as opposed to cranking by hand. Because they can pump out large amounts of fuel within a short time, these types of pumps tend to be ideal for large farms and construction industries.

Top Factors To Consider When Buying a Barrel Pump

• In order to select the most ideal brand, pump series, pump type, motor type and pump accessories, first determine how the pump is going to be put into use
• Check to see if the appliance that will be using the pump is compatible with the drum head and flow, pump size, motor, fluid viscosity and chemical type
• Ensure that the tubing of the drum pump is chemically resistant to corrosion by the fluid you are pumping or transferring
• If you will be transferring a liquid that is combustible or flammable, ensure that you choose a pump that is fitted with an explosion-proof motor or an air drive motor

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