5 Reasons You Should Cut Down a Tree

There are different reasons why trees are cut down, such as for producing timber, making paper, making space for new construction etc. This article is going to cover the reasons for to call a tree surgeon, like tree surgeon Southampton, and fell a tree for non-commercial reasons.

1. The tree has died

A dead tree has obvious signs, and it is an eyesore, but some people leave it because they don’t see any harm with that, but this is not the case. While it can seem easier to just leave the dead tree, there are some problems that it can bring. There are cases of people getting serious injuries as a result of dead trees. Branches from these trees can easily snap off and hit people, objects, and even pets. During bad weather conditions, the dead tree can fall. This can cause injury or damage to your building and property.

2. The tree has a disease

You don’t have to cut down a tree the moment you notice signs of a disease, but you need to act fast. You need to prune any branches that are infected. If the disease has spread too far, then consider calling a tree surgeon to have a closer look at the tree. The tree surgeon will then decide whether to remove it or not. There are many problems that can result from an infected tree. The most obvious being the spread of the diseases to other trees and plants in your garden. It can also attract pests like rats that can then enter your home. The tree is eventually going to die if it is not treated, so if you don’t do anything now, you have to deal with it later.

3. A tree growing too close to something

There is the popular opinion that when a tree grows close to a house, it can cause cracks in its foundation, but this rarely happens. There are some problems that can come up when a tree grows too close to something. When a tree grows close to a drain, it causes blockages because the roots can easily get into them. Large trees can cause smaller structures like summer houses, paving slabs, and garages to slightly lift because of the roots growing underneath. Branches can also damage your roofing and gutters, so make sure you prune them any time they get close to your home.

4. Tree leaning in a certain direction

When a tree leans in one direction, there is going to be more weight on one side compared to the other. This poses a risk because it can easily fall when exposed to bad weather conditions. You can ignore this in most instances, but you need to act if it is going to cause damage or harm when it falls in that direction.

5. Tree has interior decay

It is hard to spot interior decay. You will need the services of a tree surgeon to identify this problem. Because most people cannot spot this problem, it goes unnoticed. It can cause structural problems for the tree. The tree is going to deteriorate without you knowing, and the tree can fall or snap unexpectedly.

The above covers the extreme cases of removing a tree, but there are many other reasons that might not be that serious. Like creating more space, reducing the amount of shade in your garden, and so on. Hire a tree surgeon to help you with such services. The tree surgeon is going to have a close look at the tree and advise you on the best course of action. It is best to leave the work to a professional because you can easily get hurt.

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